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SoWinFlyViewer Class Reference

The SoWinFlyViewer class implements controls for moving the camera in a "flying" motion. More...

#include <Inventor/Win/viewers/SoWinFlyViewer.h>

Inheritance diagram for SoWinFlyViewer:
SoWinConstrainedViewer SoWinFullViewer SoWinViewer SoWinRenderArea SoWinGLWidget SoWinComponent SoWinObject

Public Member Functions

 SoWinFlyViewer (HWND parent=NULL, const char *name=NULL, SbBool embed=TRUE, SoWinFullViewer::BuildFlag flag=BUILD_ALL, SoWinViewer::Type type=BROWSER)
 ~SoWinFlyViewer ()
virtual void setViewing (SbBool enable)
virtual void viewAll (void)
virtual void resetToHomePosition (void)
virtual void setCamera (SoCamera *camera)
virtual void setCursorEnabled (SbBool enable)
virtual void setCameraType (SoType type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinConstrainedViewer
void setUpDirection (const SbVec3f &dir)
const SbVec3fgetUpDirection (void) const
virtual void saveHomePosition (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinFullViewer
void setDecoration (const SbBool on)
SbBool isDecoration (void) const
void setPopupMenuEnabled (const SbBool on)
SbBool isPopupMenuEnabled (void) const
HWND getAppPushButtonParent (void) const
void addAppPushButton (HWND newButton)
void insertAppPushButton (HWND newButton, int index)
void removeAppPushButton (HWND oldButton)
int findAppPushButton (HWND oldButton) const
int lengthAppPushButton (void) const
HWND getRenderAreaWidget (void) const
virtual void setComponentCursor (const SoWinCursor &cursor)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinViewer
SoCameragetCamera (void) const
SoType getCameraType (void) const
virtual void toggleCameraType (void)
virtual void setHeadlight (SbBool enable)
SbBool isHeadlight (void) const
SoDirectionalLightgetHeadlight (void) const
virtual void setDrawStyle (SoWinViewer::DrawType type, SoWinViewer::DrawStyle style)
SoWinViewer::DrawStyle getDrawStyle (const SoWinViewer::DrawType type) const
virtual void setBufferingType (SoWinViewer::BufferType type)
SoWinViewer::BufferType getBufferingType (void) const
SbBool isViewing (void) const
SbBool isCursorEnabled (void) const
void setAutoClipping (SbBool enable)
SbBool isAutoClipping (void) const
void setAutoClippingStrategy (const AutoClippingStrategy strategy, const float value=0.6f, SoWinAutoClippingCB *cb=NULL, void *cbuserdata=NULL)
virtual void setStereoViewing (SbBool enable)
SbBool isStereoViewing (void) const
virtual void setStereoOffset (const float dist)
float getStereoOffset (void) const
SbBool setStereoType (SoWinViewer::StereoType s)
SoWinViewer::StereoType getStereoType (void) const
void setAnaglyphStereoColorMasks (const SbBool left[3], const SbBool right[3])
void getAnaglyphStereoColorMasks (SbBool left[3], SbBool right[3])
void setDetailSeek (const SbBool enable)
SbBool isDetailSeek (void) const
void setSeekTime (const float seconds)
float getSeekTime (void) const
void addStartCallback (SoWinViewerCB *func, void *data=NULL)
void addFinishCallback (SoWinViewerCB *func, void *data=NULL)
void removeStartCallback (SoWinViewerCB *func, void *data=NULL)
void removeFinishCallback (SoWinViewerCB *func, void *data=NULL)
void setWireframeOverlayColor (const SbColor &color)
const SbColorgetWireframeOverlayColor (void) const
virtual void setDoubleBuffer (const SbBool enable)
virtual void setSceneGraph (SoNode *root)
virtual SoNodegetSceneGraph (void)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinRenderArea
 SoWinRenderArea (HWND parent=NULL, const char *name=NULL, SbBool embed=TRUE, SbBool mouseInput=TRUE, SbBool keyboardInput=TRUE)
 ~SoWinRenderArea ()
void setOverlaySceneGraph (SoNode *scene)
SoNodegetOverlaySceneGraph (void)
void setBackgroundColor (const SbColor &color)
const SbColorgetBackgroundColor (void) const
void setBackgroundIndex (int idx)
int getBackgroundIndex (void) const
void setOverlayBackgroundIndex (int idx)
int getOverlayBackgroundIndex (void) const
void setColorMap (int start, int num, const SbColor *colors)
void setOverlayColorMap (int start, int num, const SbColor *colors)
void setViewportRegion (const SbViewportRegion &newRegion)
const SbViewportRegiongetViewportRegion (void) const
void setTransparencyType (SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType type)
SoGLRenderAction::TransparencyType getTransparencyType (void) const
void setAntialiasing (SbBool smoothing, int numPasses)
void getAntialiasing (SbBool &smoothing, int &numPasses) const
void setClearBeforeRender (SbBool enable, SbBool zbEnable=TRUE)
SbBool isClearBeforeRender (void) const
SbBool isClearZBufferBeforeRender (void) const
void setClearBeforeOverlayRender (SbBool enable)
SbBool isClearBeforeOverlayRender (void) const
void setAutoRedraw (SbBool enable)
SbBool isAutoRedraw (void) const
void setRedrawPriority (uint32_t priority)
uint32_t getRedrawPriority (void) const
void render (void)
void renderOverlay (void)
void scheduleRedraw (void)
void scheduleOverlayRedraw (void)
void redrawOnSelectionChange (SoSelection *selection)
void redrawOverlayOnSelectionChange (SoSelection *selection)
void setEventCallback (SoWinRenderAreaEventCB *func, void *user=NULL)
void setSceneManager (SoSceneManager *manager)
SoSceneManagergetSceneManager (void) const
void setOverlaySceneManager (SoSceneManager *manager)
SoSceneManagergetOverlaySceneManager (void) const
void setGLRenderAction (SoGLRenderAction *action)
SoGLRenderActiongetGLRenderAction (void) const
void setOverlayGLRenderAction (SoGLRenderAction *action)
SoGLRenderActiongetOverlayGLRenderAction (void) const
SbBool sendSoEvent (const SoEvent *event)
void registerDevice (SoWinDevice *device)
void unregisterDevice (SoWinDevice *device)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinGLWidget
void setBorder (const SbBool enable)
SbBool isBorder (void) const
SbBool isDoubleBuffer (void) const
void setDrawToFrontBufferEnable (const SbBool enable)
SbBool isDrawToFrontBufferEnable (void) const
void setQuadBufferStereo (const SbBool enable)
SbBool isQuadBufferStereo (void) const
void setAccumulationBuffer (const SbBool enable)
SbBool getAccumulationBuffer (void) const
void setStencilBuffer (const SbBool enable)
SbBool getStencilBuffer (void) const
void setAlphaChannel (const SbBool enable)
SbBool getAlphaChannel (void) const
void setOverlayRender (const SbBool onoff)
SbBool isOverlayRender (void) const
void setSampleBuffers (const int numsamples)
int getSampleBuffers (void) const
void setStealFocus (SbBool enable)
SbBool isStealFocus (void) const
HWND getGLWidget (void) const
HWND getNormalWidget (void) const
HWND getOverlayWidget (void) const
SbBool hasOverlayGLArea (void) const
SbBool hasNormalGLArea (void) const
unsigned long getOverlayTransparentPixel (void)
void getPointSizeLimits (SbVec2f &range, float &granularity)
void getLineWidthLimits (SbVec2f &range, float &granularity)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinComponent
virtual ~SoWinComponent ()
virtual void show (void)
virtual void hide (void)
SbBool isFullScreen (void) const
SbBool setFullScreen (const SbBool onoff)
SbBool isVisible (void)
SbBool isTopLevelShell (void) const
HWND getWidget (void) const
HWND getBaseWidget (void) const
HWND getShellWidget (void) const
HWND getParentWidget (void) const
void setSize (const SbVec2s size)
SbVec2s getSize (void) const
void setTitle (const char *const title)
const char * getTitle (void) const
void setIconTitle (const char *const title)
const char * getIconTitle (void) const
const char * getWidgetName (void) const
const char * getClassName (void) const
void setWindowCloseCallback (SoWinComponentCB *const func, void *const user=NULL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinObject
virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const =0
SbBool isOfType (SoType type) const

Protected Member Functions

 SoWinFlyViewer (HWND parent, const char *const name, SbBool embed, SoWinFullViewer::BuildFlag flag, SoWinViewer::Type type, SbBool build)
virtual const char * getDefaultWidgetName (void) const
virtual const char * getDefaultTitle (void) const
virtual const char * getDefaultIconTitle (void) const
virtual SbBool processSoEvent (const SoEvent *const event)
virtual void setSeekMode (SbBool enable)
virtual void actualRedraw (void)
virtual void rightWheelMotion (float value)
virtual void afterRealizeHook (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoWinConstrainedViewer
 SoWinConstrainedViewer (HWND parent, const char *const name, SbBool embed, SoWinFullViewer::BuildFlag flag, SoWinViewer::Type type, SbBool build)
 ~SoWinConstrainedViewer ()
virtual void tiltCamera (float delta)
virtual void bottomWheelMotion (float value)
virtual void leftWheelMotion (float value)
virtual void changeCameraValues (SoCamera *camera)
void findUpDirection (SbVec2s mouselocation)
void checkForCameraUpConstrain (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoWinFullViewer
 SoWinFullViewer (HWND parent, const char *name, SbBool embed, BuildFlag flag, Type type, SbBool build)
 ~SoWinFullViewer ()
virtual void sizeChanged (const SbVec2s &size)
HWND buildWidget (HWND parent)
virtual void buildDecoration (HWND parent)
virtual HWND buildLeftTrim (HWND parent)
virtual HWND buildBottomTrim (HWND parent)
virtual HWND buildRightTrim (HWND parent)
HWND buildAppButtons (HWND parent)
HWND buildViewerButtons (HWND parent)
virtual void createViewerButtons (HWND parent, SbPList *buttonlist)
virtual void buildPopupMenu (void)
virtual void setPopupMenuString (const char *title)
virtual void openPopupMenu (const SbVec2s position)
virtual void leftWheelStart (void)
virtual void leftWheelFinish (void)
float getLeftWheelValue (void) const
void setLeftWheelValue (const float value)
virtual void bottomWheelStart (void)
virtual void bottomWheelFinish (void)
float getBottomWheelValue (void) const
void setBottomWheelValue (const float value)
virtual void rightWheelStart (void)
virtual void rightWheelFinish (void)
float getRightWheelValue (void) const
void setRightWheelValue (const float value)
void setLeftWheelString (const char *const name)
HWND getLeftWheelLabelWidget (void) const
void setBottomWheelString (const char *const name)
HWND getBottomWheelLabelWidget (void) const
void setRightWheelString (const char *const name)
const char * getRightWheelString () const
HWND getRightWheelLabelWidget (void) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoWinViewer
 SoWinViewer (HWND parent, const char *name, SbBool embed, Type type, SbBool build)
 ~SoWinViewer ()
SbBool isSeekMode (void) const
SbBool seekToPoint (const SbVec2s screenpos)
void seekToPoint (const SbVec3f &scenepos)
virtual void computeSeekFinalOrientation (void)
void interactiveCountInc (void)
void interactiveCountDec (void)
int getInteractiveCount (void) const
void setSeekDistance (const float distance)
float getSeekDistance (void) const
void setSeekValueAsPercentage (const SbBool on)
SbBool isSeekValuePercentage (void) const
void addSuperimposition (SoNode *scene)
void removeSuperimposition (SoNode *scene)
void setSuperimpositionEnabled (SoNode *scene, const SbBool enable)
SbBool getSuperimpositionEnabled (SoNode *scene) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoWinRenderArea
 SoWinRenderArea (HWND parent, const char *name, SbBool embed, SbBool mouseInput, SbBool keyboardInput, SbBool build)
virtual void redraw (void)
virtual void redrawOverlay (void)
virtual void actualOverlayRedraw (void)
virtual void processEvent (MSG *event)
virtual void initGraphic (void)
virtual void initOverlayGraphic (void)
virtual void widgetChanged (HWND widget)
HWND buildWidget (HWND parent)
virtual SbBool glScheduleRedraw (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoWinGLWidget
 SoWinGLWidget (HWND const parent=NULL, const char *const name=NULL, const SbBool embed=TRUE, const int glmodes=SO_GL_RGB, const SbBool build=TRUE)
 ~SoWinGLWidget ()
HWND buildWidget (HWND parent)
void setGLSize (const SbVec2s size)
SbVec2s getGLSize (void) const
float getGLAspectRatio (void) const
void setGlxSize (const SbVec2s size)
SbVec2s getGlxSize (void) const
float getGlxAspectRatio (void) const
void setStereoBuffer (SbBool flag)
SbBool isStereoBuffer (void) const
SbBool isRGBMode (void)
void glLockNormal (void)
void glUnlockNormal (void)
void glLockOverlay (void)
void glUnlockOverlay (void)
void glSwapBuffers (void)
void glFlushBuffer (void)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoWinComponent
 SoWinComponent (HWND const parent=NULL, const char *const name=NULL, const SbBool embed=TRUE)
void setClassName (const char *const name)
void setBaseWidget (HWND widget)
void registerWidget (HWND widget)
void unregisterWidget (HWND widget)
void addVisibilityChangeCallback (SoWinComponentVisibilityCB *const func, void *const user=NULL)
void removeVisibilityChangeCallback (SoWinComponentVisibilityCB *const func, void *const user=NULL)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SoWinFullViewer
- Public Types inherited from SoWinViewer
enum  Type { BROWSER, EDITOR }
enum  DrawStyle {
enum  DrawType { STILL = 0, INTERACTIVE }
enum  StereoType {
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinRenderArea
static uint32_t getDefaultRedrawPriority (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinComponent
static void setWidgetCursor (HWND w, const SoWinCursor &cursor)
static SoWinComponentgetComponent (HWND widget)
static void initClasses (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoWinObject
static void initClass (void)
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static void init (void)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SoWinFullViewer
HWND leftWheel
HWND rightWheel
HWND bottomWheel
HWND leftDecoration
HWND rightDecoration
HWND bottomDecoration
HWND leftWheelLabel
char * leftWheelStr
float leftWheelVal
HWND rightWheelLabel
char * rightWheelStr
float rightWheelVal
HWND bottomWheelLabel
char * bottomWheelStr
float bottomWheelVal
SoWinPopupMenu * prefmenu
- Protected Attributes inherited from SoWinGLWidget
SbBool waitForExpose
SbBool drawToFrontBuffer
- Protected Attributes inherited from SoWinComponent
SbBool firstRealize

Detailed Description

The SoWinFlyViewer class implements controls for moving the camera in a "flying" motion.


  • Left mouse button increases the speed.

  • Middle mouse button decreases the speed.

  • Left and middle mouse button together sets the speed to zero.

  • "s" puts the viewer in seek mode. Click some geometry with the left mouse button to start the seek zoom animation. (Hitting "s" again before clicking will cancel the seek operation.)

  • "u" puts the viewer in up-vector pick mode. Click some geometry with the left mouse button to set the camera's up-vector to the normal vector of the face you pick. (Hitting "u" again before clicking will cancel the pick operation.)

  • The control key stops the flying and lets you tilt the camera by moving the pointer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SoWinFlyViewer() [1/2]

SoWinFlyViewer::SoWinFlyViewer ( HWND  parent = NULL,
const char *  name = NULL,
SbBool  embed = TRUE,
SoWinFullViewer::BuildFlag  flag = BUILD_ALL,
SoWinViewer::Type  type = BROWSER 

Public constructor.

◆ ~SoWinFlyViewer()

SoWinFlyViewer::~SoWinFlyViewer ( )

Virtual constructor.

◆ SoWinFlyViewer() [2/2]

SoWinFlyViewer::SoWinFlyViewer ( HWND  parent,
const char *const  name,
SbBool  embed,
SoWinFullViewer::BuildFlag  flag,
SoWinViewer::Type  type,
SbBool  build 

Protected constructor, used by viewer components derived from the SoWinFlyViewer.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setViewing()

void SoWinFlyViewer::setViewing ( SbBool  enable)

Set view mode.

If the view mode is on, user events will be caught and used to influence the camera position / orientation. If view mode is off, all events in the viewer canvas (like for instance keypresses or mouse clicks and -movements) will be passed along to the scene graph.

Default is to have the view mode active.

See also

Reimplemented from SoWinFullViewer.

◆ viewAll()

void SoWinFlyViewer::viewAll ( void  )

Reposition the current camera so we can see the complete scene.

Reimplemented from SoWinViewer.

◆ resetToHomePosition()

void SoWinFlyViewer::resetToHomePosition ( void  )

Restore the saved camera settings.

See also

Reimplemented from SoWinConstrainedViewer.

◆ setCamera()

void SoWinFlyViewer::setCamera ( SoCamera cam)

Set the camera we want the viewer to manipulate when interacting with the viewer controls.

The camera passed in as an argument to this method must already be part of the viewer's scene graph. You do not inject viewpoint cameras to the viewer with this method.

You should rather insert a camera into the scene graph first (if necessary, often one will be present already), then register it as the camera used by the viewer controls with this method.

If the application code doesn't explicitly set up a camera through this method, the viewer will automatically scan through the scene graph to find a camera to use. If no camera is available in the scene graph at all, it will set up its own camera.

See also

Reimplemented from SoWinConstrainedViewer.

◆ setCursorEnabled()

void SoWinFlyViewer::setCursorEnabled ( SbBool  on)

Set whether or not the mouse cursor representation should be visible in the viewer canvas.

Default value is on.

See also

Reimplemented from SoWinViewer.

◆ setCameraType()

void SoWinFlyViewer::setCameraType ( SoType  t)

When the viewer has to make its own camera as a result of the graph passed to setSceneGraph() not containing any camera nodes, this call can be made in advance to decide which type the camera will be of.

Default is to use an SoPerspectiveCamera.

If this method is called when there is a scene graph and a camera already set up, it will delete the old camera and set up a camera with the new type if the t type is different from that of the current camera.

See also

Reimplemented from SoWinViewer.

◆ getDefaultWidgetName()

const char * SoWinFlyViewer::getDefaultWidgetName ( void  ) const

This method returns the default name of a component widget class.

It should be overridden by derived non-abstract classes for the topmost widget in the component to have a proper name.

Reimplemented from SoWinRenderArea.

◆ getDefaultTitle()

const char * SoWinFlyViewer::getDefaultTitle ( void  ) const

This method returns the default window caption string of the component.

It should be overridden by derived non-abstract classes so the window and pop-up menu will get a proper title.

Reimplemented from SoWinRenderArea.

◆ getDefaultIconTitle()

const char * SoWinFlyViewer::getDefaultIconTitle ( void  ) const

This method returns the default icon title of the component.

It should be overridden by derived non-abstract classes so icons will get proper titles.

Reimplemented from SoWinRenderArea.

◆ processSoEvent()

SbBool SoWinFlyViewer::processSoEvent ( const SoEvent *const  event)

Toolkit-native events are tried to convert to Coin-generic events in the SoWinRenderArea::processEvent() method. If this succeeds, they are forwarded to this method.

This is a virtual method, and is overridden in its subclasses to catch events of particular interest to the viewer classes, for instance.

Return TRUE if the event was processed. If not it should be passed on further up in the inheritance hierarchy by the caller. This last point is extremely important to take note of if you are expanding the toolkit with your own viewer class.

This method is not part of the original SGI InventorXt API. Note that you can still override the toolkit-native processEvent() method instead of this "generic" method.

Reimplemented from SoWinFullViewer.

◆ setSeekMode()

void SoWinFlyViewer::setSeekMode ( SbBool  enable)

Put the viewer in or out of "waiting-to-seek" mode.

If the user performs a mouse button click when the viewer is in "waiting-to-seek" mode, the camera will be repositioned so the camera focal point lies on the point of the geometry under the mouse cursor.

See also
isSeekMode(), setDetailSeek()

Reimplemented from SoWinViewer.

◆ actualRedraw()

void SoWinFlyViewer::actualRedraw ( void  )

This method instantly redraws the normal (non-overlay) scene graph by calling SoSceneManager::render().

Subclasses may override this method to add their own rendering before or after Coin renders its scene graph.

The following is a complete example that demonstrates one way of adding both a background image and foreground (overlay) geometry to the "normal" rendering:

// This example shows how to put a permanent background image on
// your viewer canvas, below the 3D graphics, plus overlay
// foreground geometry. Written by mortene.
// Copyright Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies 2002.
// *************************************************************************
#include <Inventor/Win/SoWin.h>
#include <Inventor/Win/viewers/SoWinExaminerViewer.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoBaseColor.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoCone.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoCube.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoImage.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoLightModel.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoOrthographicCamera.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoRotationXYZ.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoSeparator.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoTranslation.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
// *************************************************************************
class MyExaminerViewer : public SoWinExaminerViewer {
MyExaminerViewer(HWND parent, const char * filename);
virtual void actualRedraw(void);
SoSeparator * bckgroundroot;
SoSeparator * foregroundroot;
SoRotationXYZ * arrowrotation;
MyExaminerViewer::MyExaminerViewer(HWND parent, const char * filename)
// Coin should not clear the pixel-buffer, so the background image
// is not removed.
this->setClearBeforeRender(FALSE, TRUE);
// Set up background scene graph with image in it.
this->bckgroundroot = new SoSeparator;
cam->position = SbVec3f(0, 0, 1);
cam->height = 1;
// SoImage will be at z==0.0.
cam->nearDistance = 0.5;
cam->farDistance = 1.5;
SoImage * img = new SoImage;
img->filename = filename;
// Set up foreground, overlaid scene graph.
this->foregroundroot = new SoSeparator;
bc->rgb = SbColor(1, 1, 0);
cam->position = SbVec3f(0, 0, 5);
cam->height = 10;
cam->nearDistance = 0;
cam->farDistance = 10;
const double ARROWSIZE = 2.0;
posit->translation = SbVec3f(-2.5 * ARROWSIZE, 1.5 * ARROWSIZE, 0);
arrowrotation = new SoRotationXYZ;
arrowrotation->axis = SoRotationXYZ::Z;
SoTranslation * offset = new SoTranslation;
offset->translation = SbVec3f(ARROWSIZE/2.0, 0, 0);
SoCube * cube = new SoCube;
cube->width = ARROWSIZE;
cube->height = ARROWSIZE/15.0;
// Must set up the OpenGL viewport manually, as upon resize
// operations, Coin won't set it up until the SoGLRenderAction is
// applied again. And since we need to do glClear() before applying
// the action..
const SbViewportRegion vp = this->getViewportRegion();
glViewport(origin[0], origin[1], size[0], size[1]);
const SbColor col = this->getBackgroundColor();
glClearColor(col[0], col[1], col[2], 0.0f);
// Render our scene graph with the image.
SoGLRenderAction * glra = this->getGLRenderAction();
// Render normal scene graph.
// Increase arrow angle with 1/1000 every frame.
arrowrotation->angle = arrowrotation->angle.getValue() + (0.001 / M_PI * 180);
// Render overlay front scene graph.
// *************************************************************************
main(int argc, char ** argv)
if (argc != 2) {
(void)fprintf(stderr, "\n\n\tUsage: %s <image-filename>\n\n", argv[0]);
HWND window = SoWin::init(argv[0]);
MyExaminerViewer * viewer = new MyExaminerViewer(window, argv[1]);
viewer->setSceneGraph(new SoCone);
delete viewer;
return 0;
// *************************************************************************

Reimplemented from SoWinViewer.

◆ rightWheelMotion()

void SoWinFlyViewer::rightWheelMotion ( float  value)

Called repeatedly as the user drags the thumbwheel in the right frame. Override this method in subclassed viewers to provide your own functionality on the thumbwheel.

See also
rightWheelStart(), rightWheelFinish()
leftWheelStart(), bottomWheelStart()

Reimplemented from SoWinFullViewer.

◆ afterRealizeHook()

void SoWinFlyViewer::afterRealizeHook ( void  )

A function "hook" / callback invoked just after the window for the component has been realized.

Override this if you need specific initialization for your own component or viewer class to happen right after it has been made visible, but remember to call upwards in the inheritance hierarchy:

// [own initialization here]

Reimplemented from SoWinRenderArea.

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