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simage_image_s Struct Reference

#include <simage_private.h>

Data Fields

int width
int height
int components
int didalloc
int order
unsigned char * data
void * opendata
int oktoreadall
char * openfilename
struct simage_open_funcs openfuncs

Field Documentation

◆ width

int simage_image_s::width

◆ height

int simage_image_s::height

◆ components

int simage_image_s::components

◆ didalloc

int simage_image_s::didalloc

◆ order

int simage_image_s::order

◆ data

unsigned char* simage_image_s::data

◆ opendata

void* simage_image_s::opendata

◆ oktoreadall

int simage_image_s::oktoreadall

◆ openfilename

char* simage_image_s::openfilename

◆ openfuncs

struct simage_open_funcs simage_image_s::openfuncs

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