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simage_param_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

int type
char * name
union {
   int   integerdata
   float   floatdata
   double   doubledata
   char *   stringdata
   void *   pointerdata
   void(*   functiondata )()
struct simage_param_datanext

Field Documentation

◆ type

int simage_param_data::type

◆ name

char* simage_param_data::name

◆ integerdata

int simage_param_data::integerdata

◆ floatdata

float simage_param_data::floatdata

◆ doubledata

double simage_param_data::doubledata

◆ stringdata

char* simage_param_data::stringdata

◆ pointerdata

void* simage_param_data::pointerdata

◆ functiondata

void(* simage_param_data::functiondata) ()

◆ data

union { ... } simage_param_data::data

◆ next

struct simage_param_data* simage_param_data::next

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