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simage_libsndfile.h File Reference
#include <config.h>
#include <simage.h>

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int libsndfile_stream_open (const char *filename, s_stream *stream, s_params *params)
void * libsndfile_stream_get (s_stream *stream, void *buffer, int *size, s_params *params)
int libsndfile_stream_seek (s_stream *stream, int offset, int whence, s_params *params)
int libsndfile_stream_tell (s_stream *stream, s_params *params)
void libsndfile_stream_close (s_stream *stream)

Function Documentation

◆ libsndfile_stream_open()

int libsndfile_stream_open ( const char *  filename,
s_stream stream,
s_params params 

◆ libsndfile_stream_get()

void* libsndfile_stream_get ( s_stream stream,
void *  buffer,
int *  size,
s_params params 

◆ libsndfile_stream_seek()

int libsndfile_stream_seek ( s_stream stream,
int  offset,
int  whence,
s_params params 

◆ libsndfile_stream_tell()

int libsndfile_stream_tell ( s_stream stream,
s_params params 

◆ libsndfile_stream_close()

void libsndfile_stream_close ( s_stream stream)