simage  1.8.3
Coin3D texture image library
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Simage is a library capable of loading, manipulating and saving images, creating and saving movies (AVI and MPEG), and loading audio. The simage library relies heavily on 3rd party libraries to perform these tasks.

The main interface for Simage usage is documented in the main <simage.h> header file.

Coin uses Simage just to read textures, but the programmer is of course free to use the other features of the simage library directly.

Supported image file formats:

  • JPEG: reading and writing (through libjpeg)
  • PNG: reading and writing (using libpng and zlib)
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • RGB: reading only
  • PIC: reading only
  • TGA (targa): reading only
  • EPS (encapsulated postscript): writing only

Supported video file formats:

  • AVI: writing
  • MPEG

Supported audio file formats:

  • Ogg/Vorbis
  • formats supported through: libsndfile.