NutsnBolts  0.1.0
An extension library for Coin
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SIM Nuts'n'Bolts is an extension library for Coin that contains various nuts and bolts that are useful for creating generic Coin-based visualization applications. The nodes are in general viewer-centric in scope. You won't find domain-specific nodes for any particular engineering domain here - such nodes will go to other libraries.

The library was first released in early 2005, but some of the code it contains has been living in the SmallChange library for years and been in use in various projects. The unversioned/unreleased state of SmallChange has however been a problem, so to make the nodes more useful and usable, a new strict library was split out.


Nuts'n'Bolts is released publicly under the 3-clause BSD license (see COPYING).


The source code for SIM Nuts'n'Bolts releases can be found in the official GitHub repository.

You can fetch the source code from its official GitHub repository with the following command:

$ git clone -recurse-submodules NutsnBolts