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SoVolumeData Class Reference

The main interface for setting up volume data sets. More...

#include <VolumeViz/nodes/SoVolumeData.h>

Inheritance diagram for SoVolumeData:
SoVolumeRendering SoNode SoFieldContainer SoBase

Public Types

enum  StorageHint {
enum  SubMethod { NEAREST, MAX, AVERAGE }
enum  OverMethod { NONE, CONSTANT, LINEAR, CUBIC }
- Public Types inherited from SoVolumeRendering
enum  HW_SupportStatus { NO, YES, UNKNOWN }
- Public Types inherited from SoNode
enum  NodeType

Public Member Functions

void setVolumeData (const SbVec3s &dimension, void *data, SoVolumeData::DataType type=SoVolumeData::UNSIGNED_BYTE, int significantbits=0)
SbBool getVolumeData (SbVec3s &dimension, void *&data, SoVolumeData::DataType &type, int *significantbits=NULL) const
uint32_t getVoxelValue (const SbVec3s &voxelpos) const
void setVolumeSize (const SbBox3f &size)
SbBox3f getVolumeSize (void) const
void setPageSize (int size)
void setPageSize (const SbVec3s &size)
const SbVec3sgetPageSize (void) const
void setReader (SoVolumeReader &reader)
SoVolumeReadergetReader (void) const
void setTexMemorySize (int megatexels)
int getTexMemorySize (void) const
SbBool getMinMax (int &minval, int &maxval)
SbBool getHistogram (int &length, int *&histogram)
SoVolumeDatasubSetting (const SbBox3s &region)
void updateRegions (const SbBox3s *region, int num)
void loadRegions (const SbBox3s *region, int num, SoState *state, SoTransferFunction *node)
SoVolumeDatareSampling (const SbVec3s &dimension, SoVolumeData::SubMethod subMethod, SoVolumeData::OverMethod=NONE)
void enableSubSampling (SbBool enable)
SbBool isSubSamplingEnabled (void) const
void enableAutoSubSampling (SbBool enable)
SbBool isAutoSubSamplingEnabled (void) const
void enableAutoUnSampling (SbBool enable)
SbBool isAutoUnSamplingEnabled (void) const
void unSample (void)
void setSubSamplingMethod (SubMethod method)
SubMethod getSubSamplingMethod (void) const
void setSubSamplingLevel (const SbVec3s &roi, const SbVec3s &secondary)
void getSubSamplingLevel (SbVec3s &roi, SbVec3s &secondary) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoVolumeRendering
HW_SupportStatus isSupported (HW_Feature feature)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoNode
void setOverride (const SbBool state)
SbBool isOverride (void) const
void setNodeType (const NodeType type)
NodeType getNodeType (void) const
virtual SoNodecopy (SbBool copyconnections=FALSE) const
virtual SbBool affectsState (void) const
virtual void GLRenderBelowPath (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void GLRenderInPath (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void GLRenderOffPath (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void getMatrix (SoGetMatrixAction *action)
virtual void handleEvent (SoHandleEventAction *action)
virtual void rayPick (SoRayPickAction *action)
virtual void search (SoSearchAction *action)
virtual void write (SoWriteAction *action)
virtual void audioRender (SoAudioRenderAction *action)
virtual void getPrimitiveCount (SoGetPrimitiveCountAction *action)
virtual void grabEventsSetup (void)
virtual void grabEventsCleanup (void)
virtual void startNotify (void)
virtual void notify (SoNotList *l)
SbUniqueId getNodeId (void) const
virtual SoChildListgetChildren (void) const
virtual void writeInstance (SoOutput *out)
virtual SoNodeaddToCopyDict (void) const
virtual void copyContents (const SoFieldContainer *from, SbBool copyconnections)
virtual SoFieldContainercopyThroughConnection (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoFieldContainer
void setToDefaults (void)
SbBool hasDefaultValues (void) const
SbBool fieldsAreEqual (const SoFieldContainer *container) const
void copyFieldValues (const SoFieldContainer *container, SbBool copyconnections=FALSE)
SbBool set (const char *const fielddata)
void get (SbString &fielddata)
virtual int getFields (SoFieldList &l) const
virtual int getAllFields (SoFieldList &l) const
virtual SoFieldgetField (const SbName &name) const
virtual SoFieldgetEventIn (const SbName &name) const
virtual SoFieldgetEventOut (const SbName &name) const
SbBool getFieldName (const SoField *const field, SbName &name) const
SbBool enableNotify (const SbBool flag)
SbBool isNotifyEnabled (void) const
SbBool set (const char *fielddata, SoInput *input)
void get (SbString &fielddata, SoOutput *out)
virtual SbBool validateNewFieldValue (SoField *field, void *newval)
virtual void addWriteReference (SoOutput *out, SbBool isfromfield=FALSE)
SbBool getIsBuiltIn (void) const
virtual const SoFieldDatagetFieldData (void) const
virtual void getFieldsMemorySize (size_t &managed, size_t &unmanaged) const
void setUserData (void *userdata) const
void * getUserData (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoBase
void ref (void) const
void unref (void) const
void unrefNoDelete (void) const
int32_t getRefCount (void) const
void touch (void)
virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const=0
SbBool isOfType (SoType type) const
virtual SbName getName (void) const
virtual void setName (const SbName &newname)
void addAuditor (void *const auditor, const SoNotRec::Type type)
void removeAuditor (void *const auditor, const SoNotRec::Type type)
const SoAuditorListgetAuditors (void) const
SbBool shouldWrite (void)
void assertAlive (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void initClass (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoVolumeRendering
static void init (void)
static void initClass (void)
static void setReadAlternateRep (SbBool flag)
static void setWriteAlternateRep (SbBool flag)
static SbBool getReadAlternateRep (void)
static SbBool getWriteAlternateRep (void)
static void setDelayedRendering (SbBool flag)
static SbBool getDelayedRendering (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoNode
static uint32_t getCompatibilityTypes (const SoType &nodetype)
static SoNodegetByName (const SbName &name)
static int getByName (const SbName &name, SoNodeList &l)
static void initClasses (void)
static SbUniqueId getNextNodeId (void)
static int getActionMethodIndex (const SoType type)
static void getBoundingBoxS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void GLRenderS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void callbackS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void getMatrixS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void handleEventS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void pickS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void rayPickS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void searchS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void writeS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void audioRenderS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
static void getPrimitiveCountS (SoAction *action, SoNode *node)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoFieldContainer
static void initCopyDict (void)
static void addCopy (const SoFieldContainer *orig, const SoFieldContainer *copy)
static SoFieldContainercheckCopy (const SoFieldContainer *orig)
static SoFieldContainerfindCopy (const SoFieldContainer *orig, const SbBool copyconnections)
static void copyDone (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoBase
static void initClass (void)
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static void addName (SoBase *const base, const char *const name)
static void removeName (SoBase *const base, const char *const name)
static void incrementCurrentWriteCounter (void)
static void decrementCurrentWriteCounter (void)
static SoBasegetNamedBase (const SbName &name, SoType type)
static int getNamedBases (const SbName &name, SoBaseList &baselist, SoType type)
static SbBool read (SoInput *input, SoBase *&base, SoType expectedtype)
static void setInstancePrefix (const SbString &c)
static void setTraceRefs (SbBool trace)
static SbBool getTraceRefs (void)
static SbBool connectRoute (SoInput *input, const SbName &fromnodename, const SbName &fromfieldname, const SbName &tonodename, const SbName &tofieldname)
static SbBool readRoute (SoInput *input)

Public Attributes

SoSFString fileName
SoSFEnum storageHint
SoSFBool usePalettedTexture
SoSFBool useSharedPalettedTexture
SoSFBool useCompressedTexture
- Public Attributes inherited from SoNode

Protected Member Functions

virtual void doAction (SoAction *action)
virtual void GLRender (SoGLRenderAction *action)
virtual void callback (SoCallbackAction *action)
virtual void getBoundingBox (SoGetBoundingBoxAction *action)
virtual void pick (SoPickAction *action)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoNode
virtual SbBool readInstance (SoInput *in, unsigned short flags)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoBase
virtual void destroy (void)
SbBool hasMultipleWriteRefs (void) const
SbBool writeHeader (SoOutput *out, SbBool isgroup, SbBool isengine) const
void writeFooter (SoOutput *out) const
virtual const char * getFileFormatName (void) const


class SoVolumeDataP

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from SoBase
enum  BaseFlags
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SoNode
static const SoFieldData ** getFieldDataPtr (void)
static void setNextActionMethodIndex (int index)
static int getNextActionMethodIndex (void)
static void incNextActionMethodIndex (void)
static void setCompatibilityTypes (const SoType &nodetype, const uint32_t bitmask)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SoBase
static uint32_t getCurrentWriteCounter (void)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SoNode
SbUniqueId uniqueId
- Protected Attributes inherited from SoFieldContainer
SbBool isBuiltIn
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SoNode
static SbUniqueId nextUniqueId
static int nextActionMethodIndex

Detailed Description

The main interface for setting up volume data sets.

This node class provides the interface for setting up the voxel data to be rendered. For a complete, stand-alone usage example, see the SIM Voleon main page documentation.

Volume data will by default be normalized to be within a 2x2x2 unit dimensions cube. (But note that this is up to the reader classes, so it may not be the same for all readers. Check the individual class documentation for the file formats you are using.)

As an example, if you set up a voxel data set of dimensions 100x400x200, this will be rendered within a bounding box of <-0.25, -1, -0.5> to <0.25, 1, 0.5>. Notice that the largest dimension (the Y dimension in this example) will be made to fit within unit size 2, and the other dimensions will be scaled accordingly.

You may use SoVolumeData::setVolumeSize() to force a different unit size box around the volume, or you can simply use the standard Coin transformation nodes, like e.g. SoScale, to accomplish this.

The volume rendering of SIM Voleon works well on volume data sets of any dimensions. With other volume rendering systems, it is often necessary to accommodate the rendering system by preprocessing the dataset to be of power-of-two dimensions, either to avoid the rendering to take up an extraordinary amount of resources related to texture mapping, or from down-right failing. This restriction is not present in SIM Voleon, which works well with different dimensions along the principal axes, and with any non-power-of-two dimension.

If the volume data is set from a memory location with the SoVolumeData::setVolumeData() method, the voxel data can be changed during visualization at will. But after making a batch of changes, make sure you notify the node that data has been modified by doing the following:


Internal regeneration of textures etc. for visualization will then be done automatically by the SIM Voleon rendering system.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setVolumeData()

void SoVolumeData::setVolumeData ( const SbVec3s dimensions,
void *  data,
SoVolumeData::DataType  type = SoVolumeData::UNSIGNED_BYTE,
int  significantbits = 0 

This method lets the user set up a volume data set from data in memory, instead of loading it from file (through the SoVolumeData::fileName field).

data should point to the block of voxels, of the data size given by type. dimensions specifies the size layout of the voxel array along the 3 axes.

The data block passed in to this function will not be freed when the node is destructed, or new data set – that is considered the responsibility of the caller.

The input data will be mapped to the world coordinate system as follows: increasing memory addresses will first be mapped to increasing voxel positions along the X axis, row by row. The rows will be mapped to increasing positions along the Y axis, making up slices. Slices will be mapped to increasing Z axis positions.

The data will be mapped to be within a cube of size 2x2x2, where the largest voxel dimension(s) will be used to normalize the other dimensions.

As an example, if you set up a voxel data set of dimensions 100x400x200, this will be rendered within a bounding box of <-0.25, -1, -0.5> to <0.25, 1, 0.5>. Notice that the largest dimension (the Y dimension in this example) will be made to fit within unit size 2, and the other dimensions will be scaled accordingly.

References SbString::getString(), SoDebugError::postInfo(), SoDebugError::postWarning(), and SoBase::touch().

◆ getVolumeData()

SbBool SoVolumeData::getVolumeData ( SbVec3s dimensions,
void *&  data,
SoVolumeData::DataType &  type,
int *  significantbits = NULL 
) const

Returns information about the voxel dimensions, a data pointer to the memory block of voxels, and a type indicator for how many bytes are used for each voxel.

The return value is FALSE if the data could not be loaded.

References SoDebugError::postWarning().

◆ getVoxelValue()

uint32_t SoVolumeData::getVoxelValue ( const SbVec3s voxelpos) const

Returns "raw" value of voxel at given position.

◆ setVolumeSize()

void SoVolumeData::setVolumeSize ( const SbBox3f size)

Sets the geometric size of the volume.

This will override the value found in a volume data file by a reader (if any).

References SbBox3f::getBounds(), and SoBase::touch().

◆ getVolumeSize()

SbBox3f SoVolumeData::getVolumeSize ( void  ) const

Returns geometric size of volume.

References SbBox3f::setBounds().

◆ setPageSize() [1/2]

void SoVolumeData::setPageSize ( int  size)

Sets the largest internal size of texture pages and texture cubes. This sets all dimensions to the same value at once. Default value is 128^3.

The size value must be a power of two.

This is essentially of interest only for the internal implementation, and should usually not be necessary to change from application code.

◆ setPageSize() [2/2]

void SoVolumeData::setPageSize ( const SbVec3s texsize)

Sets the largest internal size of texture pages and texture cubes. Default value is [128, 128, 128].

All elements of texsize must be a power of two.

This is essentially of interest only for the internal implementation, and should usually not be necessary to change from application code.

References SoBase::touch().

◆ getPageSize()

const SbVec3s & SoVolumeData::getPageSize ( void  ) const

Returns internal dimensions of each 2D texture rectangle or 3D texture cube.

◆ setTexMemorySize()

void SoVolumeData::setTexMemorySize ( int  megatexels)

Set the maximum number of texels we can bind up for 2D and 3D textures for volume rendering. The value is given in number of megatexels, e.g. an argument value "16" will be interpreted to set the limit at 16*1024*1024=16777216 texels.

Note that you can in general not know in advance how much actual texture memory a texel is going to use, as textures can be paletted with a variable number of bits-per-texel, and even compressed before transfered to the graphics card's on-chip memory.

Due to the above mentioned reasons, the usefulness of this method is rather dubious, but it is still included for compatibility with TGS VolumeViz API extension to Open Inventor.

The default value is to allow unlimited texture memory usage. This means that it's up to the underlying OpenGL driver to take care of the policy of how to handle scarcity of resources. This is the recommended strategy from OpenGL documentation.

Note that SIM Voleon's default differs from TGS's VolumeViz default, which is set at 64 megatexels.

References SoDebugError::postWarning(), and SoBase::touch().

◆ getTexMemorySize()

int SoVolumeData::getTexMemorySize ( void  ) const

Returns limitation forced on texture memory usage.

See also
SIM Voleon 2.0

◆ getHistogram()

SbBool SoVolumeData::getHistogram ( int &  length,
int *&  histogram 

Returns a reference to a histogram of all voxel values. length will be set to either 256 for 8-bit data or 65356 for 16-bit data.

At each index of the histogram table, there will be a value indicating the number of voxels that has the data value corresponding to the index.

Return value is always TRUE.

◆ loadRegions()

void SoVolumeData::loadRegions ( const SbBox3s region,
int  num,
SoState state,
SoTransferFunction node 

Force loading of given subregion. This function should usually not be of interest to the application programmer.

SIM Voleon 2.0

References SoDebugError::post().

Member Data Documentation

◆ usePalettedTexture

SoSFBool SoVolumeData::usePalettedTexture

Indicate whether or not to use paletted textures.

Paletted textures uses only 1/4th of the amount of graphics card memory resources versus ordinary RGBA textures, with no degradation of rendering quality.

Not all graphics cards and drivers supports paletted textures, but the library will fall back on non-paletted textures automatically if that is the case.

SIM Voleon supports two different OpenGL techniques for doing paletted textures: either through using the GL_EXT_paletted_texture extension available on many older OpenGL drivers, or by using fragment shader programs, the latter typically available on most modern OpenGL drivers.

Default value of this field is TRUE. Apart from debugging purposes, there are not many good reasons to set this field to FALSE.

It might however be of interest if one wants to take advantage of the typically larger resource savings which can be made from setting SoVolumeData::useCompressedTexture to TRUE, as that hint will be overridden by a TRUE value in this field (as long as paletted textures are actually supported by the OpenGL driver).

This because paletted textures can not be "lossy" compressed, so only one of paletted textures and texture compression can be active at the same time – not both of them. The policy of SIM Voleon is to prefer paletted textures, as that has certain other beneficial effects apart from resource savings, mainly that one can modify the SoTransferFunction at runtime with no rendering performance hit.

◆ useSharedPalettedTexture

SoSFBool SoVolumeData::useSharedPalettedTexture

Indicate whether or not to share texture palettes.

Sharing of texture palettes is useful for slightly better utilization of graphics card memory.

Default value is TRUE. Apart from debugging purposes, there is really no good reason to set this field to FALSE.

NOTE: The actions of switching this flag have not been properly implemented in Coin yet, its value is simply ignored.

SIM Voleon 2.0
TGS VolumeViz ?.?

◆ useCompressedTexture

SoSFBool SoVolumeData::useCompressedTexture

Indicate whether or not to use compressed textures, if supported by the graphics card and driver.

Compressed textures can save a major amount of texture memory out of the graphics card memory resources, typically by a factor of about 5x - 15x. Texture compression is however lossy, meaning that there will be a certain amount of degradation of visual quality – but this should usually not be noticeable.

Not all graphics cards and drivers supports compressed textures, but the library will fall back on non-compressed textures automatically if that is the case.

Default value is TRUE. To secure no loss of visual quality, set this field to FALSE.

Note that texture compression will not be done if paletted textures are used. See the discussion at the end of the API documentation for the SoVolumeData::usePalettedTexture field.

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