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SIM::Coin3D::Quarter::EventFilter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SIM::Coin3D::Quarter::EventFilter:

Public Member Functions

 EventFilter (QObject *parent)
void registerInputDevice (InputDevice *device)
void unregisterInputDevice (InputDevice *device)
const QPoint & globalMousePosition (void) const

Protected Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *event)

Member Function Documentation

◆ registerInputDevice()

void EventFilter::registerInputDevice ( InputDevice device)

Adds a device for event translation

◆ unregisterInputDevice()

void EventFilter::unregisterInputDevice ( InputDevice device)

Removes a device from event translation

◆ globalMousePosition()

const QPoint & EventFilter::globalMousePosition ( void  ) const

Returns mouse position in global coordinates

◆ eventFilter()

bool EventFilter::eventFilter ( QObject obj,
QEvent *  qevent 

Translates Qt Events into Coin events and passes them on to the event QuarterWidget for processing. If the event cannot be translated or processed, it is forwarded to Qt and the method returns false.

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