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SoResetMatrixElement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for SoResetMatrixElement:

Public Member Functions

virtual void init (SoState *state)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoElement
const SoType getTypeId (void) const
int getStackIndex (void) const
virtual void push (SoState *state)
virtual void pop (SoState *state, const SoElement *prevTopElement)
void setDepth (const int depth)
int getDepth (void) const
virtual void print (FILE *file=stdout) const
virtual ~SoElement ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static int getClassStackIndex (void)
static void * createInstance (void)
static void initClass (void)
static void set (SoState *const state, const SbMatrix &m)
static const SbMatrixget (SoState *state)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoElement
static void initClass (void)
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static int getClassStackIndex (void)
static void initElements (void)
static int getNumStackIndices (void)
static SoType getIdFromStackIndex (const int stackIndex)

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~SoResetMatrixElement ()
virtual void setElt (const SbMatrix &matrix)
virtual SbBool matches (const SoElement *element) const
virtual SoElementcopyMatchInfo (void) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoElement
 SoElement (void)
void capture (SoState *const state) const
virtual void captureThis (SoState *state) const
void setTypeId (const SoType typeId)
void setStackIndex (const int index)
SoElementgetNextInStack (void) const
SoElementgetNextFree (void) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SoElement
static SoElementgetElement (SoState *const state, const int stackIndex)
static const SoElementgetConstElement (SoState *const state, const int stackIndex)
static int createStackIndex (const SoType id)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SoElement
SoType typeId
int stackIndex
int depth
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from SoElement
static int classStackIndex
static SoTypeListstackToType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~SoResetMatrixElement()

SoResetMatrixElement::~SoResetMatrixElement ( void  )

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ init()

void SoResetMatrixElement::init ( SoState state)

This function initializes the element type in the given SoState. It is called for the first element of each enabled element type in SoState objects.

Reimplemented from SoElement.

◆ matches()

SbBool SoResetMatrixElement::matches ( const SoElement element) const

This function returns TRUE is the element matches another element (of the same class), with respect to cache validity.

If the application programmer's extension element has a matches() function, it should also have a copyMatchInfo() function.

Implements SoElement.

◆ copyMatchInfo()

SoElement * SoResetMatrixElement::copyMatchInfo ( void  ) const

This function creates a copy of the element that contains enough information to enable the matches() function to work.

Used to help with scene graph traversal caching operations.

Implements SoElement.

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