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SoMFVec3b Class Reference

The SoMFVec3b class is a container for SbVec3b vectors. More...

#include <Inventor/fields/SoMFVec3b.h>

Inheritance diagram for SoMFVec3b:
SoMField SoField

Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const
virtual void copyFrom (const SoField &field)
const SoMFVec3boperator= (const SoMFVec3b &field)
virtual SbBool isSame (const SoField &field) const
SbVec3b operator[] (const int idx) const
const SbVec3bgetValues (const int start) const
int find (SbVec3b value, SbBool addifnotfound=FALSE)
void setValues (const int start, const int num, const SbVec3b *newvals)
void set1Value (const int idx, SbVec3b value)
void setValue (SbVec3b value)
SbVec3b operator= (SbVec3b val)
SbBool operator== (const SoMFVec3b &field) const
SbBool operator!= (const SoMFVec3b &field) const
SbVec3bstartEditing (void)
void finishEditing (void)
void setValuesPointer (const int num, const SbVec3b *userdata)
void setValuesPointer (const int num, SbVec3b *userdata)
void setValuesPointer (const int num, const int8_t *userdata)
void setValuesPointer (const int num, int8_t *userdata)
void setValues (int start, int num, const int8_t xyz[][3])
void set1Value (int idx, int8_t x, int8_t y, int8_t z)
void set1Value (int idx, const int8_t xyz[3])
void setValue (int8_t x, int8_t y, int8_t z)
void setValue (const int8_t xyz[3])
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoMField
virtual ~SoMField ()
int getNum (void) const
void setNum (const int num)
virtual void deleteValues (int start, int num=-1)
virtual void insertSpace (int start, int num)
SbBool set1 (const int index, const char *const valuestring)
void get1 (const int index, SbString &valuestring)
virtual void enableDeleteValues (void)
virtual SbBool isDeleteValuesEnabled (void) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SoField
virtual ~SoField ()
void setIgnored (SbBool ignore)
SbBool isIgnored (void) const
void setDefault (SbBool defaultVal)
SbBool isDefault (void) const
SbBool isOfType (const SoType type) const
void enableConnection (SbBool flag)
SbBool isConnectionEnabled (void) const
SbBool connectFrom (SoEngineOutput *master, SbBool notnotify=FALSE, SbBool append=FALSE)
SbBool appendConnection (SoEngineOutput *master, SbBool notnotify=FALSE)
void disconnect (SoEngineOutput *engineoutput)
SbBool isConnectedFromEngine (void) const
SbBool getConnectedEngine (SoEngineOutput *&master) const
SbBool connectFrom (SoField *master, SbBool notnotify=FALSE, SbBool append=FALSE)
SbBool appendConnection (SoField *master, SbBool notnotify=FALSE)
void disconnect (SoField *field)
SbBool isConnectedFromField (void) const
SbBool getConnectedField (SoField *&master) const
int getNumConnections (void) const
int getForwardConnections (SoFieldList &slavelist) const
int getConnections (SoFieldList &masterlist) const
void disconnect (void)
SbBool isConnected (void) const
void setContainer (SoFieldContainer *cont)
SoFieldContainergetContainer (void) const
SbBool set (const char *valuestring)
void get (SbString &valuestring)
SbBool shouldWrite (void) const
virtual void touch (void)
virtual void startNotify (void)
virtual void notify (SoNotList *nlist)
SbBool enableNotify (SbBool on)
SbBool isNotifyEnabled (void) const
void addAuditor (void *f, SoNotRec::Type type)
void removeAuditor (void *f, SoNotRec::Type type)
int operator== (const SoField &f) const
int operator!= (const SoField &f) const
virtual void connectionStatusChanged (int numconnections)
SbBool isReadOnly (void) const
virtual void fixCopy (SbBool copyconnections)
virtual SbBool referencesCopy (void) const
void copyConnection (const SoField *fromfield)
virtual SbBool read (SoInput *input, const SbName &name)
virtual void write (SoOutput *out, const SbName &name) const
virtual void countWriteRefs (SoOutput *out) const
void setFieldType (int type)
int getFieldType (void) const
SbBool getDirty (void) const
void setDirty (SbBool dirty)
void evaluate (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void * createInstance (void)
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static void initClass (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoMField
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static void atexit_cleanup (void)
static void initClass (void)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SoField
static void initClass (void)
static void initClasses (void)
static void cleanupClass (void)
static SoType getClassTypeId (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void deleteAllValues (void)
virtual void copyValue (int to, int from)
virtual int fieldSizeof (void) const
virtual void * valuesPtr (void)
virtual void setValuesPtr (void *ptr)
virtual void allocValues (int num)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoMField
 SoMField (void)
virtual void makeRoom (int newnum)
virtual SoNotRec createNotRec (SoBase *container)
void setChangedIndex (const int chgidx)
void setChangedIndices (const int chgidx=-1, const int numchgind=0)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SoField
 SoField (void)
void valueChanged (SbBool resetdefault=TRUE)
virtual void evaluateConnection (void) const
virtual SbBool readConnection (SoInput *in)
virtual void writeConnection (SoOutput *out) const
SbBool isDestructing (void) const

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from SoMField
int num
int maxNum
SbBool userDataIsUsed

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SoField

Detailed Description

The SoMFVec3b class is a container for SbVec3b vectors.

This field is used where nodes, engines or other field containers need to store an array of vectors with three elements.

This field supports application data sharing through a setValuesPointer() method. See SoMField documentation for information on how to use this function.

See also
SbVec3b, SoSFVec3b Be aware that this class is an extension for Coin, and it is not available in the original SGI Open Inventor v2.1 API.
Coin 2.5

Member Function Documentation

◆ getTypeId()

SoType SoMFVec3b::getTypeId ( void  ) const

Returns the type identification instance which uniquely identifies the Coin field class the object belongs to.

See also
getClassTypeId(), SoType

Implements SoField.

◆ copyFrom()

void SoMFVec3b::copyFrom ( const SoField f)

Copy value(s) from f into this field. f must be of the same type as this field.

Implements SoField.

◆ isSame()

SbBool SoMFVec3b::isSame ( const SoField f) const

Check for equal type and value(s).

Implements SoField.

◆ deleteAllValues()

void SoMFVec3b::deleteAllValues ( void  )

This API member is considered internal to the library, as it is not likely to be of interest to the application programmer.

Implements SoMField.

◆ copyValue()

void SoMFVec3b::copyValue ( int  to,
int  from 

This method is used for moving values around internally within a multivalue field. It needs to be overridden in each field so it automatically takes care of running copy contructors where necessary.

Implements SoMField.

◆ getValues()

const SbVec3b* SoMFVec3b::getValues ( const int  start) const

Returns a pointer to the values array.

◆ setValues()

void SoMFVec3b::setValues ( int  start,
int  numarg,
const int8_t  xyz[][3] 

Set num vector array elements from the xyz array, reading from index 0 in the given float-triplet vector array and storing values from index start in this SoMFVec3f's array.

If start + num is larger than the current number of elements in the SoMFVec3f field, this method will automatically expand the field to accommodate all given float-vector element values.

◆ set1Value() [1/2]

void SoMFVec3b::set1Value ( int  idx,
int8_t  x,
int8_t  y,
int8_t  z 

Set the vector at idx.

◆ set1Value() [2/2]

void SoMFVec3b::set1Value ( int  idx,
const int8_t  xyz[3] 

Set the vector at idx.

◆ setValue() [1/2]

void SoMFVec3b::setValue ( int8_t  x,
int8_t  y,
int8_t  z 

Set this field to contain a single vector with the given element values.

◆ setValue() [2/2]

void SoMFVec3b::setValue ( const int8_t  xyz[3])

Set this field to contain a single vector with the given element values.

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