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SbRotation Member List

This is the complete list of members for SbRotation, including all inherited members.

equals(const SbRotation &r, float tolerance) constSbRotation
fromString(const SbString &str)SbRotation
getValue(void) constSbRotation
getValue(float &q0, float &q1, float &q2, float &q3) constSbRotation
getValue(SbVec3f &axis, float &radians) constSbRotation
getValue(SbMatrix &matrix) constSbRotation
inverse(void) constSbRotation
multVec(const SbVec3f &src, SbVec3f &dst) constSbRotation
operator!=(const SbRotation &q1, const SbRotation &q2)SbRotationfriend
operator*(const SbRotation &q1, const SbRotation &q2)SbRotationfriend
operator*=(const SbRotation &q)SbRotation
operator*=(const float s)SbRotation
operator==(const SbRotation &q1, const SbRotation &q2)SbRotationfriend
operator[](int n) constSbRotationinline
print(FILE *fp) constSbRotation
SbRotation(const SbVec3f &axis, const float radians)SbRotation
SbRotation(const float q[4])SbRotation
SbRotation(const float q0, const float q1, const float q2, const float q3)SbRotation
SbRotation(const SbMatrix &m)SbRotation
SbRotation(const SbVec3f &rotateFrom, const SbVec3f &rotateTo)SbRotation
scaleAngle(const float scaleFactor)SbRotation
setValue(const float q0, const float q1, const float q2, const float q3)SbRotation
setValue(const float q[4])SbRotation
setValue(const SbMatrix &m)SbRotation
setValue(const SbVec3f &axis, const float radians)SbRotation
setValue(const SbVec3f &rotateFrom, const SbVec3f &rotateTo)SbRotation
slerp(const SbRotation &rot0, const SbRotation &rot1, float t)SbRotationstatic
toString() constSbRotation