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SbName Member List

This is the complete list of members for SbName, including all inherited members.

getLength(void) constSbName
getString(void) constSbName
isBaseNameChar(const char c)SbNamestatic
isBaseNameStartChar(const char c)SbNamestatic
isIdentChar(const char c)SbNamestatic
isIdentStartChar(const char c)SbNamestatic
operator const char *(void) constSbName
operator!(void) constSbName
operator!=(const SbName &lhs, const char *rhs)SbNamefriend
operator!=(const char *lhs, const SbName &rhs)SbNamefriend
operator!=(const SbName &lhs, const SbName &rhs)SbNamefriend
operator==(const SbName &lhs, const char *rhs)SbNamefriend
operator==(const char *lhs, const SbName &rhs)SbNamefriend
operator==(const SbName &lhs, const SbName &rhs)SbNamefriend
SbName(const char *namestring)SbName
SbName(const SbString &str)SbName
SbName(const SbName &name)SbName