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SbBox2s Member List

This is the complete list of members for SbBox2s, including all inherited members.

extendBy(const SbVec2s &point)SbBox2s
extendBy(const SbBox2s &box)SbBox2s
getAspectRatio(void) constSbBox2sinline
getBounds(short &xmin, short &ymin, short &xmax, short &ymax) constSbBox2sinline
getBounds(SbVec2s &minpoint, SbVec2s &maxpoint) constSbBox2sinline
getCenter(void) const (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinline
getMax(void) constSbBox2sinline
getMax(void) (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinline
getMin(void) constSbBox2sinline
getMin(void) (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinline
getOrigin(short &originX, short &originY) constSbBox2sinline
getSize(short &sizeX, short &sizeY) constSbBox2sinline
getSize(void) const (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinline
hasArea(void) const (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinline
intersect(const SbVec2s &point) constSbBox2s
intersect(const SbBox2s &box) constSbBox2s
isEmpty(void) const (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinline
operator!=(const SbBox2s &b1, const SbBox2s &b2)SbBox2srelated
operator==(const SbBox2s &b1, const SbBox2s &b2)SbBox2srelated
SbBox2s(short xmin, short ymin, short xmax, short ymax)SbBox2sinline
SbBox2s(const SbVec2s &minpoint, const SbVec2s &maxpoint)SbBox2sinline
SbBox2s(const SbBox2i32 &box) (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinlineexplicit
SbBox2s(const SbBox2f &box) (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinlineexplicit
SbBox2s(const SbBox2d &box) (defined in SbBox2s)SbBox2sinlineexplicit
setBounds(short xmin, short ymin, short xmax, short ymax)SbBox2sinline
setBounds(const SbVec2s &minpoint, const SbVec2s &maxpoint)SbBox2sinline
setBounds(const SbBox2i32 &box)SbBox2s
setBounds(const SbBox2f &box)SbBox2s
setBounds(const SbBox2d &box)SbBox2s