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SoSelection.h File Reference
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoSubNode.h>
#include <Inventor/nodes/SoSeparator.h>
#include <Inventor/fields/SoSFEnum.h>
#include <Inventor/lists/SoPathList.h>

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class  SoSelection
 The SoSelection class manages a list of selected nodes. More...


typedef void SoSelectionPathCB(void *data, SoPath *path)
typedef void SoSelectionClassCB(void *data, SoSelection *sel)
typedef SoPathSoSelectionPickCB(void *data, const SoPickedPoint *pick)

Typedef Documentation

◆ SoSelectionPickCB

SoPath * SoSelectionPickCB

Callback functions for the SoSelection::setPickFilterCallbacksetPassCallback() method need to be of this type.

See documentation of that method for more information.