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ScXMLStateMachine.h File Reference
#include <Inventor/scxml/ScXMLEventTarget.h>
#include <Inventor/SbName.h>
#include <Inventor/lists/SbList.h>

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class  ScXMLStateMachine
 Manager for processing events and setting states in SCXML structures. More...


typedef void ScXMLStateMachineDeleteCB(void *userdata, ScXMLStateMachine *statemachine)
typedef void ScXMLStateChangeCB(void *userdata, ScXMLStateMachine *statemachine, const char *stateidentifier, SbBool enterstate, SbBool success)
typedef void ScXMLParallelStateChangeCB(void *userdata, ScXMLStateMachine *statemachine, int numstates, const char **stateidentifiers, SbBool enterstate, SbBool success)

Typedef Documentation

◆ ScXMLStateMachineDeleteCB

void ScXMLStateMachineDeleteCB

This is the type definition for all callback functions to be invoked when a state machine is deleted.

◆ ScXMLStateChangeCB


This callback type is for notifying listeners on when the state machine enters and exits states that are tagged as "tasks" for logging purposes. This is what the Boolean "task" attribute in the state element sets up.

The success argument is currently unsupported (will always be TRUE), but has been preemptively added to avoid a signature change later.

See also

◆ ScXMLParallelStateChangeCB

void ScXMLParallelStateChangeCB

This typedef is currently unused.